Phenomenal People….Living, Loving & Learning is a Bermuda charity whose primary purpose is to positively influence people by providing educational seminars, workshops and charitable events to unite, empower and inspire them to become their personal best.  We celebrate people and their accomplishments. 

Turning a Vision into Reality

Bermuda recognized globally as a PHENOMENAL place to live, love, and learn


To foster healthy loving relationships to preserve Bermuda’s unique heritage

We seek to provide resources to encourage the building of strong families while uniting people and creating an authentic bond of community.  Phenomenal People was created for people to share common goals, dreams, ideas, and situations called “life.”  It is a place where cultural diversity is welcomed and celebrated.  It is extremely important for people to know who they are (self-awareness), know where they have come from (their past), and know where they are headed (their future).  The true beauty of each person begins in his/her soul, and their physical well being is a reflection of how their inner wholeness responds to who they say they are. 


A.    To participate in programs for the benefit of all people

B.     To provide an open resource to the community through presentation of seminars and workshops to educate and inform people about issues, subjects, or topics that directly relate to them.

C.     To serve the community in a way that has a positive impact on people, youth, and the family

D.    To provide motivational speakers to empower and inspire people. 

19 Middle Rd. 
Sandy's SB02

Contact: Margaret Giloth, President:

Tel: 441-734-4034 


Phenomenal People 

(Charity #755)


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